About Our Institution

A warm welcome to the authority Website of Jaladhar Dey Primary Teachers’ Training Institute. This site has been created to empower everybody to wind up acquainted with our college, its policies and other systems that are essential for the smooth working of our college, and also to furnish you with upgraded College news, timetable and occasions. This college has been set up and oversaw by “ Jaladhar Dey Memorial Educational Trust”, a non-benefit making enrolled beneficent association with a mean to give for conquering any hindrance of the present day & overhauled instructive offices between Metro-urban communities & our District and we are consistently striving to accomplish our honorable article.
We feel that an instructive organization performs a critical capacity of giving learning encounters to lead their understudies from the dimness of lack of awareness to the light of information. It is watched that an instructive establishment without an instructor is much the same as a body without the spirit, a skeleton without fragile living creature and blood, a shadow without substance. Consequently, the educator is the measuring stick that measures the accomplishments and desires of the country.
The value and possibilities of a nation get assessed in and through the work of the instructor, thus, the populace of a nation is the expanded reproduction of their educator. Hence, they are the genuine country developers.


Jaladhar Dey Primary Teachers’ Training Institute College of Education and Research tries to be a universally perceived chief organization that offers to the general public all inclusive skillful instructors who are others conscious, synergistic and multicultural in their standpoint.


To develop Learning and Innovation Skills among students and teachers
To equip teachers and students with research driven instructional practices. To foster life skills and work place skills among students and teachers. To empower teachers and students with knowledge, skills, and attitude required to create inclusive and multicultural learning environments.


Jaladhar Dey Primary Teachers’ Training Institute Promising the best education for D.ED. We have the best faculty for the students who are willing to learn education for their future. Our Learning Management software helps you to keep you in touch with teachers every time where you go. We help you to full fill your goals.